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Nova Biomedical Stat EMS | MRL Cybertec Corp.
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Ambulance and Emergency Blood Testing

Stat EMS measures parameters critical for emergency patients. Results are available in seconds, depending on the test. By combining single-use biosensor technology with portable electronics, Stat EMS offers simple, fast, accurate testing in the field.
Test Menu
Stat EMS provides an important test menu for immediate patient assessment and faster, more effective emergency treatment. Stat EMS also assists with rapid triage and determining the appropriate transport site for patients with trauma, sepsis, or other specialized needs.
Carrying and charging case
A compact, rugged carrying case contains all testing components, including meters, biosensors, controls, and lancets. It also serves as the battery charging station for the meters. The case is 41 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm (16 in x 14 in x 6 in).
Fingerstick Sampling
Using capillary samples as small as 0.6 µL, Stat EMS provides fast and easy testing for high-stress medical situations. Capillary sampling is as easy as glucose self-testing performed by patients with diabetes. It eliminates the time and costs of a venipuncture, including the tourniquet, needle, vacutainer, and transfer pipette—as well as finding a suitable vein. Stat EMS measures glucose, ketone, lactate, hematocrit, and hemoglobin from a capillary blood drop.
Portable for Field Use
Compact, light, and rugged, the Stat EMS carrying case is designed for mobile testing in the field. The case weighs only three pounds when holding all testing components, including meters, biosensors, controls, and lancets. It’s water resistant and designed to protect all components if dropped. The case and meters can be cleaned and disinfected with wipes containing bleach.

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